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kristin post #11: mood theme

A Fourth Doctor & Sarah Jane Smith mood theme, complete with preview, info, and a .zip file. Click the cut to retrieve it.

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-The mood theme features the Fourth Doctor & Sarah Jane Smith from Doctor Who; some of the icons are solely of Four, some are solely of Sarah Jane, whilst others include both of them. I tried to keep it as balanced as possible. A few of the ones of Sarah are from "School Reunion" and "Invasion of the Bane" (Sarah Jane Adventures).
-All of the mood icons are in .png format and are 90x50
-Please comment, as it's nice to know the mood theme's being used, and where it's going :)
-If there's a problem, let me know, and I will do my best to help
-Please credit me in your user info. Thanks.

1. Download the .zip file:
Fourth Doctor & Sarah Jane Smith Mood Theme

2. Unzip the file, upload all of the mood pics to your site/image host of choice. (Photobucket, etc.)

3. Open the text file entitled "foursarahcodes.txt" and paste it into Notepad or Word, etc. Run a find/replace of all of the URLs to accomodate the web address of your image hosting site.

4. Go to the Admin Console.

Enter the following:

moodtheme_create "justspies's Four/Sarah Jane Mood Theme" "Four/Sarah Jane Moods"

click execute. Important: write down the ID number they give you. (i.e. "12345"), as it will be used later.

5. Refer back to the text file (foursarahcodes.txt). Run a find/replace of "#####" with the ID # you were assigned with your mood set. Copy all of this information into the admin console box.

6. After all of that, go to the Modify Journal page.

7. Then select the Four/Sarah Jane mood theme from your moodlist. Save changes and voila!
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